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The Challenge of Change

The Challenge of Change …

Thinking about change coming up for our group – the change from the long standing Fridays to Thursdays in Term 3.  This has been a really big decision, affecting us all.  And we can give all the good reasons under the sun, but still, change can be threatening.  I read a study which deals with change in organisations, by Torben Rick: 

“The truth is that whether organizations want to change or not, they still do. It doesn’t matter if they do so deliberately or accidentally; it’s inevitable that they will. That’s because change is required to maintain the status quo. Nevertheless, for a number of different reasons, individuals or groups can react very differently to change - from passively resisting it,  to aggressively trying to undermine it,  to sincerely embracing it.”

So this made me realise that actually this group is changing all the time.  Last year, there were changes from term to term, sometimes small, sometimes not.  Tutors came and went, families came and went.  New classes were trialled, some were added, some discontinued. We added a new time slot. Some classes were really popular, then changed to being not popular. The lunch break was changed.  The point is, that our group is always changing and always will. 

If we stayed exactly the same, the group wouldn’t survive. 

The changes for Term 3 we see as a “big picture” change for the group.  Which doesn’t mean we’re not mindful of the way the change to Thursday will affect tutors, parents, and children - of course it is hard letting go of things that have been in place for a while.  It is maybe though an opportunity to support children through change, and look forward to new experiences.  As my own family are involved in selling our family home and moving house soon, I realise how much change is part of life.  I see how huge the change of moving is for my kids, and that all I can do is support them through it, embrace it and encourage them to look forward to a new adventure.

The thing that doesn’t change is that we are a group committed to providing a range of activities for homeschooling families, and being together on one day, in one location.  The “fun, friendship, learning” bit doesn’t change either.  It will just be on a different day.  As always, we encourage you to talk to us about any challenges you are having with this change.

Rae :)