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William Pike Award Challenge

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The William Pike Challenge Award is a flexible & easy to follow framework, where you can be provided with local resources, practical guides and support to deliver purposeful Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC).

Designed to empower passionate educators and help reduce their time spent planning, organising, and executing activities. Effectively assisting educators in meeting their curriculum priorities.

It's aimed at 10-13 year olds and is a great lead in to the Duke of Edinburgh programmes (if you are going to enrol for your Duke of Edinburgh's International Award later on, this training can cross credit towards some of your bronze training).  


What is the William Pike Challenge Award?
The William Pike Challenge Award is a youth development programme for participants between the ages of 10 - 13 years

How do I complete the William Pike Challenge Award?
Participants complete 5 outdoor activities approved by their coordinators and the William Pike administration, complete 20 hours of community service and 20 hours of a passion project, which is an activity new to the participant.

How much does it cost?
To enrol in the William Pike Challenge the cost is $130.  
The cost of participating in passion projects, community service and outdoor activities is not included in the enrolment fee.

How long do I have to complete my Award?
The William Pike Challenge Award runs for a calendar year.  This means that you will need to complete your Award by the December of the year that you sign up.  It is recommended that you give yourself at least six months to complete your Award.

Do I need a coordinator?
Yes.  You cannot sign up without a coordinating group, either a school or other youth group.  This is why Auckland Challenge is beginning to offer the coordination of the Award this year - so that is is available to everyone who would like to participate.

What activities does Auckland Challenge offer?
For groups of ten or more Auckland Challenge runs 3 half day outdoor courses - First Aid, Bush Craft and Map Reading.  
Auckland Challenge will also run an overnight camp during the year.

Thanks to Leigh for presenting information on this last week, and great to meet some of the Auckland Challenge team.  

It's possible to do this on an individual basis, or get a group together in your community, or join with another group.  To participate in the William Pike Challenge, it needs to be through a "COORDINATING GROUP" ie, a school. For homeschoolers, the Auckland Challenge team has offered to be the coordinating group.  

We've had huge interest in this initiative, from all over Auckland.  For anyone wanting to do this on a group basis, we'd like to offer Thursdays as a base for a group get together, say fortnightly, after classes @ Massey Leisure Centre.  The benefits of a group are motivation, working as a team and sharing ideas.   
To get this rolling, we need to know if you're interested in doing this as a group, and to get some idea of the parents who could be part of some general running of the group too.  We're looking for a "group coordinator" (not a scary job, just to help keep things on track).

Sometimes an easy option to measure interest and support is to do a quick survey.  It's easy, just click on the survey button below and it's all done!  This is for ALL homeschooling families out there.  

Check the website: 

Check out the links below - one for the award website and one for the Auckland Challenge page which gives homeschoolers access to the award which is usually done in schools.

ALL WELCOME to complete the survey (even if you're not enrolled with The Homeschool Group - doesn't matter)