EVENTS @ The Homeschool Group 

"The Great Northern Science Fair" in 2017 was our first event, held to provide an opportunity for homeschooled students to present their project based work.  The judges (and all of us) were so impressed with the variety, creativity and quality of the science projects, which were all amazing.  Feedback was really positive.  The response to this was the inspiration to extend the "event" concept further into 2018 by introducing a History Fair, Technology Fair and Trash 2 Fashion event.  In 2019 we extended further and held (alongside another History Fair and market day) our first "Homeschool Harvest Festival".   A standout success and paving the way for the "Winter Festival" in July 2019 and now "Spring Festival" in term 3.  Our Market Days are awesome fun and run alongside these events.

Being able to extend the event concept reflects the wonderful support we have had from many families over the last couple of years and aligns with the vision for The Homeschool Group - to offer a platform for empowering and dynamic activities. Families say they enjoyed having fairs and events as an add-on to the group's term activities (and in the same place).  They love that it's local. They like that it's attached to the group that their children are already part of. They like the fun vibe, and loved that it was open to all homeschooling families, near and far. 

Thanks to our organisers, Angela and Monica, with help from students, parents and participating judges.