Tech Fair Round Up 2018

The Great Northern Tech Fair, September 2018 (the first one we've had) was a standout.  The projects absolutely amazing.  So much creativity, design and passion all packed into one room.  This was always going to be something unique, with the focus on fun. From the start we had so much interest, the organisers kindly kept extending the limit, trying to create more spaces!  Fantastic response from the get go. 

The  judges were so impressed with the time and energy put into these projects.  They were all well thought out and really diverse.  And so much passion for the designs.  It was truly amazing to see the unique creations, and to see what happens when we have no creative boundaries. 

And the age range of our entrants?  From 2 years to adult.  The geographical range of this event?  All the way from Whangarei to Thames!  Love that!  :) 

the homeschool group auckland west auckland

THANK YOU to the sponsors of The Great Northern Tech Fair.  We had donations of prizes, and donations of funding for prizes (which meant we had prizes for everyone). We had donations for venue hire from some very generous people out there!  We also had funding donations for the CREW t-shirts - thank you for that.  

For great prize contributions, thanks also to:

Mandy Jakich (@ Creative Matters) 

Sophia Sharpe (@ Sharper Thinker)

Special thanks to the judging panel, who gave their time and skill to be available on the day.  This was such an important part of the process - the opportunity for the entrants to present their project and to be interviewed.  Our judging panel were designers from within our community, and our wonderful community librarians. 

Thanks to: 

Anne and Baruk (11+ year olds and mixed age team entries).
Catharina and Steve (preschool and 5-7 year olds).
Christine, Nicholas, Jerome and Gillian (8-10 year olds).

The judges worked hard!  7.5 minutes with each entrant, (yes, timed exactly as we had so many participants), and then to discuss all the projects, write comments on the judging sheets, and allocate an award name (which is on the certificate).  

the homeschool group auckland west auckland

Special thanks to the 15 student volunteers (in their CREW t-shirts).  Jed, Jaydah, Timmo, Alody, Jacqui, Sasha, Eliza, Callum, Johnny, Jessica, Jack, Myles, Taelon, Lucas, Erika, who collectively planned & provided the judge's lunch,  helped with the entrant's packs, took photos, did a video, set the event up, took care of the outdoor games, manned the reception desk and cleaned it all up at the end.  With every fair we do (and this is the 4th one), the student involvement increases.  Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who brought their energy along on the day and helped  this run so smoothly.  NOT FORGETTING our inspirational organisers Angela Gilberd, Monica Reed, their families, and the amazing support from so many parents out there.  THANK YOU!