The Catch Up Club, Term 3, 2019


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Venue:  Massey Community Hub, 385 Don Buck Road, Massey.

Dates in Term 3:  MONDAYS:  5 August, 19 August, 2 September, 16 September  

Time:  12pm to 3pm

Provided:  Tea & Coffee, LEGO, toys for younger children. Families are welcome to organise activities, kids also are welcome to do this. It's also okay to have nothing planned & go with the flow. 

Bring:  Lunch (if you want to), games, computers, sewing machines - whatever your kids would like to do ...

The idea is simple - a space for homeschool family and friends to meet.  



What it is:   A venue at a community hub, set in a community garden, reserve and playground.  There's indoor space and covered outdoor space, a fenced outdoor space, a kitchen.  A space with a laid back "free range" style, where we can bring games, journals, computers - build some Lego, shoot some hoops, kick a ball around - have a cuppa, sit, chill, chat, do nothing - whatever.   Parents who would like to set up something of interest are welcome.  Maybe a basketball game, a skill to teach - please let Rae know.   Otherwise it's up to families to bring something to do, or happily do nothing.  

So often we hear that kids don't have much time to catch up with their friends at Westgate.  Thursdays there are busy, classes are back to back with just half an hour for lunch ...

As a response to that, we're starting "
The Homeschool Group Catch Up Club" in term 2.  A few dates planned for a laid back 3 hours of being together with homeschooling families.  

It's about creating a space where families will have time to just be, for kids and teens to meet up and be with friends.  We're working on trialling some specific things to do, but it's basically a space for kids to initiate and create their own fun.  We'll have some toys for little ones, lots of Lego to create with and a free journaling table.  It's a place to bring games, sewing machines, journals, computers, do some basketball, a friendly game of soccer, run around, sit, chill - whatever.  

There's sponsorship funding to cover the venue hire for term 2.  There may eventually be a minimal charge for some activities, but hopefully not much.  This is about a collective group of families (not a drop off, although it's fine for another parent to be responsible for your children).  If parents would like to bring something to the group in terms of sharing skills etc, that will be welcome and awesome - please let me know.  It doesn't have to be a big commitment - could be something like "on this day I can teach how to make ... "  

Venue is the Massey Community Hub (just a few minutes up the road from Massey Leisure Centre), with playground, reserve, community garden & basketball court.   Your ideas and feedback are very much appreciated. 

Contact me (Rae) on 0272209949.