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the homeschool group auckland west auckland
the homeschool group auckland west auckland

Term 3, 2018  

For setting up:

If there are two people/families, the set up can usually be done in half an hour.    

First unlock the Don Buck Rooms, and the storeroom off the far end (by the mirrors).  Extra tables and chairs are kept in here. The master key is available from Angi at the YMCA reception desk.  

Setting up the foyer area:

In the foyer area, there are usually 3 long tables, and 18 chairs already there.  Two of the tables plus 1 x small square blue table, need to be joined together for the Visual Art classes - lengthways, down near the middle of the foyer area (as in Foyer Area 1 Orange on the map).  These tables will need 14 chairs around them.  

We then need another 13 chairs from the storeroom.

8 chairs for around the tables that make up the purple area (Foyer Area 2).

10 chairs for around the tables that make up the pink area (Foyer Area 1).

Setting up the Don Buck rooms:

In the storeroom there are long blue tables and one long white table.  We need a total of three long tables set up in the room with the mirrors.  16 chairs around the tables.  

In the playgroup room, we need 6 chairs in the room and two tables.  

When the tables and chairs have been set up, the middle folding doors can be closed (sealed).  

Packing up at 2:30pm:

Foyer area:   

The three long tables to be put back against the wall, with three chairs on each side.  All other chairs returned to the storeroom.  All other tables put away.  

All tables wiped. 

Floor swept.  

Don Buck Rooms:

All tables and chairs to be packed up in the storeroom.  

Room vacuumed (this is done by the Playgroup). 

Library Room (John Lawson Room):

Please do a quick check to make sure the room is tidy, rubbish free, TV off, whiteboard clean. 


Using the Playgroup?  Please help to:

  • Put Playgroup resources back in the cupboard

  • Wipe down surfaces

  • Vacuum/sweep floor

We LOVE to see children helping with set up and clean up - it can be such a positive part of their learning - it encourages ownership and a sense of belonging. You're welcome to show your children how to help clean up after a class, or at home time, and encourage them to be part of this!