OPEN to all families to book

How To Book

The place to book classes is on the "What's On / Events" Tab

There you will find a number of time slots:








Click on the appropriate time slot to find and book your class.

Please make sure you only book ONE class, per time slot, per child.  

If you are booking classes for more than one child, we suggest you book classes and add them to the cart,  for one child at a time.  

While having the three seperate time slots makes it easy to see the class options, it also means that clicking on more than one class in the same time slot is an easy mistake to make.  Please check the cart carefully,  to make sure there are no double ups in the time slots.  


When you arrive at the checkout, please read the instruction at the top of the page, which shows all the information we need. 

Because we're not shipping anything to you, we don't need your address, but we do need (in the notes section, the name of your child/children please.  This information is for the class lists.  

We would also like to know the age of children, as this will really help us with future class planning. You can put this information in the address fields, or in the notes.  


A $5 Administration Fee is applied to each invoice (not per child or class - it's per invoice). 

The Administration Fee has to do a lot of things.  It covers monthly website costs, domain registration, advertising, art paints and supplies, some resources, equipment for the Playgroup, cleaning supplies etc. And if class numbers are low, it helps to offset any losses after outgoings for tutor's fees and facility hire have been paid.    


How will you know if your classes are booked? 

You'll receive an email invoice as soon as you have placed your order.  

Then, when payment for your classes has been confirmed, we'll send you an confirmation email.  Then you will know that the classes on your invoice are all booked and reserved.  

Payments via internet banking can show up on the same day, overnight, or may take a couple of days.