OPEN to all families to book


The Homeschool Group is administered on a volunteer basis by Rae.  For any queries or discussion, please contact her on 0272209949. 


The Homeschool Group co-ordinates a range of classes and activities for homeschooling families.  It's organisers, tutors and centre facility management neither take nor accept any responsibility for children left unsupervised on site.  We encourage parents/guardians to stay on site, and while it's not usually necessary for parents or guardians to remain in the classes, it is necessary for your child's safety that you as parent/guardian are on site at all times and that your child knows how to find you, OR that you have made an arrangement with another parent/guardian to be the nominated person responsible for your child.  The nominated person should know how to contact you if there are any problems or issues arising at any time, and your child should know who the nominated person is.   Please take full responsibility for your children's safety at all times, while at the Massey Leisure Centre.  If there are any problems or issues with children during class time, or between class times, a parent or nominated person needs to be on hand to deal with these.

Please do not expect the tutors, The Homeschool Group administration team, YMCA or Massey Leisure Centre management to be responsible for your child's safety.  The tutors, administration team, YMCA and Massey Leisure Centre management take no responsibility for the safety or monitoring of unattended children. 

Please be aware that our meeting place is also a public space.  It is open to the public.  We share this space with the public.  We recommend that children do not go around the side or back of the building unattended.  Please report any concerns to Rae or the YMCA team.

We encourage families to use the toilets that are not open to the public.  These will be shown to you when you join, or ask Rae where they are. 


All homeschooling families are welcome to join The Homeschool Group.  However, the following points are important to note:

Participation and entry are at the discretion of the group's administrator/s.  Individuals who being disruptive in any way may be asked to leave.  

The group's administrator/s and tutors reserve the right to ask parents to remove their children from classes/activities if they are displaying disruptive or dangerous behaviour. 

The group's administrator/s reserve the right to ask parents to permanently leave the group if there is ongoing disruptive behaviour by parents or children.  Refunds for classes already booked will be given if this should happen. 

Use of cameras - you are welcome to take photos of your child and their work BUT parent permission must be given before taking photos of any other children. 

Admission to classes is only through the group's administrator/s.  Please do not approach the tutors directly to gain entry to a class.    


The Massey Leisure Centre is a shared public space.  There are gym members and other groups who use the Centre, INCLUDING the disabled and elderly.  Our hire agreement has regulations we must follow.  Please observe the following:

Walk through the foyer areas.  Running is not safe for anyone in this environment. 

Please keep the main entrance/exit area clear at all times.

Respect the equipment and resources.

Respect the toilet areas.

No food or drink in the YMCA Gymnasium Stadium.

No children in the YMCA Gymnasium Stadium outside of class times.

No animals on the premises.

No smoking, alcohol or drugs on the premises.

Scooters, bikes, skateboards - anything with wheels - belongs outside. 

Loud games and running belong outside.  

Please remember that the foyer area is a place of work for the YMCA team.  Please respect classes that are in progress and move away when talking.  


The Homeschool Group provide toys and a space for families with young children.  Parents must be present with their children at all times (unless arrangements have been made with a responsible adult).  Please supervise your children to make sure their behaviour is considerate to others, is not harmful to themselves or others and is suitable for the limitations of the space.