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the homeschool group auckland west auckland playgroup

Come and join The Homeschool Group PLAYGROUP - open in the Don Buck Room (the room behind the coffee shop).  We USUALLY run the playgroup from 11am to 2:30pm, but in term 1, 2019, it will be available from 12pm to 2:30pm. 

We hope to be making good use of the summer weather in term 1 by having a "Pop Up Playgroup" outside from 10am to 12pm under a gazebo.  We will have updates in our newsletter, so keep an eye out for further details.  

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If you have children under 6, you are welcome to enrol them.  The only commitment required is to sign in, and complete a simple enrolment form.  You don't have to attend every week, just whenever suits and for as long as it suits. 

The playgroup is a space that's casual and relaxed. There are toys and resources that are free to use.  

No cost for the playgroup - no fees, but please remember that it is parent supervised and parents must be with their children at all times, unless other arrangements have been made.  

Older children are welcome, as long as they are mindful of little ones.  The Playgroup has toys, some activities, a place to sit down, relax, be with your children and meet new people - or catch up with others.   If you're unsure, just ask on the day and we'll point you to the right place!   It's a parent supervised group, where you remain with your child (unless other supervision arrangements have been made).  Read more about The Homeschool Group Playgroup HERE.

the homeschool group auckland west auckland

Teaching Seminars - Throughout the term we run various teaching seminars for homeschooling parents/educators, at only $8 for an hour's worth of teaching wisdom!  Seminar details are here, and registration is here

the homeschool group auckland west auckland

JOIN THE GYM ....   Massey Leisure Centre has a fabulous gym on site.  This could be an option for older children too.  

Youth Membership

This Membership is an affordable option for Youth aged 13 to 18 years of age. This is a No Joining Fee and $10.50 per week

Standard Total Freedom

This is the everyday no contract option if you don’t want to be tied down with a contract but the same benefits as a 12 Month Contract option with full access to the Leisure Centre.  There is a $50 Joining Fee and then it is $18.95 per week

There are also options for Family and Casual memberships.  Check them out here

Parents are welcome (and encouraged to) watch the gymnastics and sports activities in the gymnasium stadium. You're also welcome to sit in on any of the classes with your child.  

Opening Hours

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2019 Dates:
Term 1: 14 February to 4 April
Event: 11 April - HISTORY FAIR & Harvest Market Day
Term 2: 9 May to 27 June
Event: 4 July - SCIENCE FAIR
Term 3: 1 August to 19 September
Event: 26 September - TECH FAIR & TRASH 2 FASHION
Term 4: 17 October to 28 November
Event: 5 December End of Year Celebration

Yes, it's true - delicious coffee made fresh just for you at the little coffee shop just inside the front entrance.  There are lots of sofas to relax on, have a coffee and catch up with friends.

When classes and the playgroup have finished for the day, and the Don Buck rooms (behind the coffee shop) are being cleaned up, can we ask that children maybe then go outside if they want to play?  It looks like so much fun to play in there when the room dividers are pulled back and there's all that lovely space, but there are a few potentially nasty hazards, which become even more hazardous when children are running around in there at clean up time:

   *There are glass mirrors at the end of the room
   *The dividers can trap hands & fingers when pushed back
   *The dividers stick out when pushed back
   *The long vacuum cleaner cord is a trip hazard

Also people are just generally trying to clean up - putting chairs and heavy tables away and this can also get a bit dangerous when there are little ones about.  

We've had a couple of accidents in there at clean up time, so just a heads up about it not being the safest place for children to play in. Please let your children know the reasons why.