Good Outcomes

Some things to try for getting the best outcomes for your childen ...

  • Please feel encouraged to get to know the tutor, and ask about your child's progress.

  • If there's work to be completed at home, see if there's anything you can do to encourage them in this.

  • You're very welcome to sit in on the class, and help your child if necessary (ie, being the "scribe" in a writing class may really help your child's progress).

  • If you are aware of weekly class project deadlines and expectations, you can help and encourage your child to achieve these.  (We will try to publish notices about class homework in our weekly newsletters.  You can then check with your child to make sure they know what the expected achievement is each week.)  

  • Take it to another level - talk about the class at home, and discuss the progress they are making. 

Contribution is everything - outcomes can be amazing if there is involvement and encouragement from parents!