New Families

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Welcome to The Homeschool Group at Westgate, Auckland.  We love meeting new families, and we're very pleased that you have joined us.  

Here's what to do on your first day:

  • Find us at 545 Don Buck Road, Massey, Auckland (Cnr Westgate Drive & Don Buck Road).

  • Park in the car parking available and walk up to the main entrance.

  • When you arrive at the glass doors, call Rae on 0272 209949 - we will meet you.

  • Meeting you is important as classes are spread out over different areas and can be difficult to locate. But most importantly we really like to put names to faces and to actually meet our new families, so please make sure you find us so that we get to see each other. 

  • If you can arrive say 10 minutes before the classes start, this gives you time to settle in.

We'll show you where the toilets are, the library, where our classes are held, and some no-go areas. 

Please explain to your children that we meet in a public space which is shared with elderly and disabled people.  Please ask your children to walk (not run) inside so that everyone can be safe. 

It really helps our tutors to know if your children have any special needs or requirements.  Having this information means that tutors are better equipped to understand and help children to learn.  Please let us or the tutors know.

Please refer to our policies for child safety here,  unsupervised children here.  Refund policy, terms and conditions here.   

If you have children under 6 and would like to use the Playgroup, it's free and parent supervised. It's available in term 4 from 11:00am to 2:30pm in the room behind the coffee shop.  This is a great place to be with little ones and meet other families - all welcome.  Click here for details.

We keep the group informed by a weekly email newsletter - reading this keeps you up to date with what's going on.  If you don't receive this, please let us know.  

The Homeschool Group is run by an admin team of two volunteers, who freely give their time to provide a program of affordable classes for homeschooling families. We are also busy parents who homeschool. We put in (happily) the hours required to take care of all the things required to run the group, so we very much appreciate offers of help on the day, if you are around and have the time.  Yes, we need help to set up and clean up. Children are welcome to be part of this too. 

  • Putting tables and chairs back in the foyer area at 2:30pm

  • Wiping the tables

  • Sweeping the floor

The tutors also very much appreciate any help, as there's often only a few minutes between classes.   If you have some spare time on a Thursday, please let us know.  All help is welcome.  

The Homeschool Group is run on a "break even" basis.  Class fees go towards tutor’s fees, the hire of the Massey Leisure Centre, administration costs (website hosting, advertising) and art supplies.  The $5 admin fee on your invoice helps with these costs. The admin team (Nikki & Rae) are not paid for their work. Information on how the group works is here.     

We ask that families remember that the Massey Leisure Centre is a public space and used by other groups, including elderly and disabled people.  Please make sure your children are aware of this, and aware of the need to walk (not run) inside, respecting the centre, equipment etc.  As users of the centre, we abide by the Massey Leisure Centre management guidelines for health and safety, and we respect that others are also using these facilities.  Please also ask your children to move quietly through the foyer area when using the toilet, as several classes operate there, in a challenging teaching space.   

As always, we are here to listen and help.   

You can contact us by email:  or phone/text Rae on 0272209949, or just see us on the day. 

There is lots of information on our website here which will help explain how the group is run.  


The Homeschool Group is run on a "break even" basis.  Class fees are used to pay tutors, pay for the hire of the Massey Leisure Centre, and pay administration costs, such as website hosting, art supplies etc etc.   The volunteer team of two are not paid.    

The volunteers are also busy parents who homeschool.   We put in (happily) many hours to take care of all the things required to run the group.  So we very much appreciate offers of help on the day, and yes, we need it to set up and clean up.  This means cleaning tables, sweeping floors, moving tables and chairs around at 9:45am and 2:30pm. The Playgroup room (the room behind the coffee shop) would needs to be vacuumed after use at 2:30pm and a spare pair of hands are always welcome if you have a few minutes around this time. Tutors also very much appreciate any help, as there's often only a few minutes between classes.   If you have some spare time on a Thursday please let us know.  All help is welcome.  Most of all, please talk to us if you have any concerns or queries.