Set Up & Clean Up

When classes and the playgroup have finished for the day, and the Don Buck rooms (behind the coffee shop) are being cleaned up, can we ask that children maybe then go outside if they want to play?  It looks like so much fun to play in there when the room dividers are pulled back and there's all that lovely space, but there are a few potentially nasty hazards, which become even more hazardous when children are running around in there at clean up time:

   *There are glass mirrors at the end of the room
   *The dividers can trap hands & fingers when pushed back
   *The dividers stick out when pushed back
   *The long vacuum cleaner cord is a trip hazard

Also people are just generally trying to clean up - putting chairs and heavy tables away and this can also get a bit dangerous when there are little ones about.  

We've had a couple of accidents in there at clean up time, so just a heads up about it not being the safest place for children to play in. Please let your children know the reasons why.