Using the Library

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Libraries are one of the most valuable free resources we still have.  We value having easy access to it on Thursdays.  We value the librarians, the work they do, and the help they give us. 

This is a reminder about library manners, and what being in a library means.   

Let's be clear about how the library is to be used, and the expectations around it's use.   

Or, "library manners".  

We love having the library right there on Thursdays.  We want the librarians and other users to enjoy us being there.  We want to, as individuals and as a group, show that we understand how to use a library, and to also show that our children know how to value and respect this space.

Can we please:

Manage the books that we, or our children, remove from the shelves.  It is not okay to walk away and leave books on the floor, or on the tables, or anywhere other than back on the shelves.   This is a great learning opportunity for children to learn that whatever they remove from the shelves they need to put back.  

Be aware that there are people in the library who use it for a quiet space (because that's what a library is - a quiet space).  People use it to read or study.  People expect it to be a quiet, peaceful space, where they can read or study.  Please let your children know this, and know that the expectation in there is to be respectful of this quiet space, and to use it as a quiet space.  That would mean speaking quietly.  That would also mean walking.  

Know where your children are. If you bring your children to the library, please don't let them run wild. Only let them out of your sight if they are old enough to learn and follow library rules, find what they are looking for on their own, and find you without raising their voices.  Please notice what they're doing in the library ...

The ramp that leads from the children's area up to the computer area is particularly appealing for young children to use for all sorts of fabulous, noisy fun.  But the sound carries right up to the study area at the top and is distracting for those up there trying to study.  Children simply can't play there.

There are plenty of spaces to eat and drink - that space is not the library.  There is lots of space outside to run, and have fabulous adventure games with toys and other children  - that space is not the library. 

Really appreciate your understanding, and cooperation. Our relationship with the library is very important. They have positively supported our group in so many ways, for many years.  You're most welcome to contact me (Rae) with any queries or concerns.