TERM 2 is now open for homeschooling families to book.  All welcome!  :) 


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Come and join The Homeschool Group PLAYGROUP - open in the Don Buck Room (the room behind the coffee shop).  We USUALLY run the playgroup from 11am to 2:30pm, but in term 1, 2019, it will be available from 12pm to 2:30pm. 

We hope to be making good use of the summer weather in term 1 by having a "Pop Up Playgroup" outside from 10am to 12pm under a gazebo.  We will have updates in our newsletter, so keep an eye out for further details.  

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If you have children under 6, you are welcome to enrol them.  The only commitment required is to sign in when you're there, and complete a simple enrolment form.  You don't have to attend every week, just whenever suits and for as long as it suits. 

The playgroup is a space that's casual and relaxed. There are toys and resources that are free to use.  

No cost for the playgroup - no fees, but please remember that it is parent supervised and parents must be with their children at all times, unless other arrangements have been made.  

Older children are welcome, as long as they are mindful of little ones.  The Playgroup has toys, some activities, a place to sit down, relax, be with your children and meet new people - or catch up with others.   If you're unsure, just ask on the day and we'll point you to the right place!   It's a parent supervised group, where you remain with your child (unless other supervision arrangements have been made).  

The Homeschool Group is all about families, and we love that we can offer this facility to all families in our community.  All families are welcome, whether homeschooling or not.  It's relaxed with a community feel.  It's free and it's there to use as and when you want to.  You will need to complete an enrolment form, and sign in each week. 

Please read below and understand how we can keep it as the lovely environment that it is ...

  • The Playgroup is free, and parent supervised for families with children under 6 years old. It's a place for young children (and parents) to play, relax and learn while older siblings are in classes.  It's also for homeschooling families with young children who just want to come along and connect with a homeschooling group.  It is open to all families.

  • It's the room behind the coffee shop and runs (usually) for 3.5 hours, from 11am to 2:30pm.

  • It's supplied with toys, resources, tea and coffee.

  • It's managed by the parents who use it.  It is usually a "free play" environment with children choosing their own activities.  Other activities are set up on a term by term basis.  Parents are very welcome to bring and set up activities if they would like to.  

  • Please be mindful of good behaviour and watch your children at all times.  

  • Parents are asked to please contribute to cleaning up (in some way) and to please clean up after your own children. 

  • Please check out our Playgroup philosophy, policies and emergency plan (side bar).  

  • "Parent supervised" means that if your child is in there, you're in there too.  If you're not in there supervising your child, your child can't be in that room.  It doesn't mean that the other parents in the room are going to watch your child.  Please do not put this responsibility on them.  You can absolutely arrange for another supervising adult to look after your child, but it needs to be clear that the supervising adult will actually be supervising your child. 

    If you're a supervising parent or supervising adult, this means you are supervising your child.  That might sound obvious, but it  really does mean you are watching your child, making sure that the play is safe and positive, and that they are not harming themselves or any other children.  It means that toys are not being thrown about, or misused and that disruptive behaviour is dealt with quickly.  

  • At around 2:20pm, packing up starts.  It's a big job to get those rooms back to a completed state.  By a "completed state" this means where everything has been done and the organisers can go home.  It means: 

         Toys packed up

         Tea/coffee packed up

          Mats packed up

          Room divider pulled back

          Floor vacuumed (both rooms)

          Chairs stacked up and put back in the storeroom (by mirrors)

          All tables wiped

          Collapsable tables dismantled & put back in the storeroom (by mirrors)

          Remaining tables (non collapsable) put back by the walls

If you're using the playgroup and can spare a few minutes at the end, please help!  Thank you to the same few people doing this every week who I'm sure would like a break every now and then (myself included - and I don't have children in the playgroup!).  It's a big job - it takes more time when there's only a few people, and some new faces and helping hands are needed and appreciated.  

Thank you, as always, for your understanding and support.  Please contact us if you have any queries or comments ...  

Rae :) 

The Playgroup uses the curriculum principles and strands of Te Whariki. He whāriki hei whakamana i te mokopuna, hei kawe i ngā wawata.  A whāriki that empowers the child and carries our aspirations.  The principles are:





These are interwoven with five curriculum strands:






The Te Whariki Early Childhood Curriculum can be found on the Ministry of Education's website here and a copy of this documents is available in the Playgroup.  Our policies are available at the Playgroup for anyone to read.